2014 Spring Membership Promotion Winners


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The Bass Federation (TBF) announced recently the winners of its 2014 spring membership promotion!


Early this year TBF rolled out a new Spring/Summer membership growth rewards program for 2014 to build on the growth momentum we experienced in 2013.  It included something for everyone with a 3 tiered, club-level Growth Rewards Program.  The program awards $1,000, $500 & $100 Cabela’s cash cards in each of the 7 TBF Divisions with over $11,000 dollars total awarded.


Tier 1 Club Growth Spring\Summer Promotion Drawing:

  • Included all clubs that grew a minimum of 5 new members or more as of June 30, 2014 verses year end 2013 TBF. Including all those NEW TBF clubs formed and updated by then. Each club could be entered multiple times to increase their chances of WINNING!  Once for reaching 5 new members and once again for every member over 5. The more members signed up the better your chances to win the $1,000 awarded in EACH of the 7 TBF Divisions! ($7,000.00 Total Awarded)

Tier 2 Club Spring\Summer Promotion Growth Drawing:

  • Grow 3 – 4 new members – All active TBF Clubs with an increase of 3 or 4 new paid memberships by June 30, 2014 was entered into a drawing for a $500 Cabela’s Cash Card. (entered once for 3 members twice for 4 members) Seven (7) winners were drawn from all eligible clubs, one (1) in each of the 7 TBF divisions.. ($3,500 Total Awarded)

Tier 3 Spring\Summer Promotion Growth Drawing: 

  • 1-2 new members – All active TBF Clubs with an increase of just 1 new member by June 30, 2014 was entered into a drawing for a $100 Cabela’s Gift Card (entered once for 1 member twice for 2 members) for their club. Seven (7) winners will be drawn from all eligible clubs, one (1) in each of the 7 TBF divisions. ($700 Total Awarded)


Winning clubs were drawn and winners were announced LIVE online at the final day weigh-in of the 2014 High School Fishing World Finals recently.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the clubs across North America who participated and congratulations to all the winners who will be receiving their Cabela’s Cash card prizes before the end of September.


2015 TBF membership sign-up opens October 1, 2014 and will include several fall sign up promotions for both every individual member and TBF affiliated club such as;


  • The very popular Federation Angler rod promotion, for only $100 plus S/H you get any 2 custom branded FEDERATION ANGLER, 7 foot, IM7 graphite tournament rods and that will INCLUDE your full $50 TBF and FLW competitor memberships owed for 2015 if not already paid.   


  • Every TBF club updated for 2015 by Jan. 1 with at least 6 members will go into a drawing for:
    • 1st prize – A Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 2 touch unit for your club
    • 2nd prize – A Power Pole shallow water anchor
    • 3rd prize – (6)Six custom FEDERATION ANGLER branded tournament rods


Congratulations again to all the winners listed below!


TBF Spring/Summer 2014 GROW & WIN Challenge

Tier #1clubs =  $1000 Cabela’s Gift Card

Tier #2 clubs = $500Cabela’s Gift Card

Tier #3 clubs = $250 Cabela’s Gift Card


TBF NorthWest Division

Tier #1 winner – Panhandle Bass Anglers  – Idaho

Tier 2 winner – Boarder Line Bass Contenders – Washington

Tier 3 winner – North End Bass Club – Washington


TBF South West Division

Tier #1 winner – Sixgun Bass Masters Club – California

Tier 2 winner – Four Corners Bass Club – New Mexico

Tier 3 winner – Pikes Peak Bass Masters – Colorado


TBF Central Division

Tier #1 winner – Blue Hole Bass Club – Mississippi

Tier 2 winner – Bedlam Bass Club – Oklahoma

Tier 3 winner – ARK-LA-TEX Bass Federation club – Arkansas


TBF Northern Division

Tier #1 winner – East Fork Bass Masters Club – Illinois

Tier 2 winner –Potato Creek Bass Club – Indiana

Tier 3 winner – Twin Cities Bass Club – Ohio


TBF Southern Division

Tier #1 winner – Coastal Bass Anglers – Georgia

Tier 2 winner – River City Bass Club – Kentucky

Tier 3 winner – Sparta Bass Club – Tennessee


TBF Eastern Division

Tier #1 winner – Fatt Bass Anglers Club – Ontario Canada

Tier 2 winner – Minuteman Bass Club – Massachusetts

Tier 3 winner – Grassroots Bass Anglers – New Hampshire


Mid-Atlantic Division

Tier #1 winner –Meherrin Bass Masters club – Virginia

Tier 2 winner – Hookem and Jerkem Bass Club – West Virginia

Tier 3 winner – Hunters Run Bass Club – Pennsylvania