About Us

About Us


“Owned by those we serve, dedicated to the sport of fishing.”

Since 1968, the independent state bass Federations have worked together to support the grassroots growth of fishing and the growth of the entire sport fishing/outdoors industry in their states. Simply put, The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) and our affiliated state Federation’s are 100% member owned and do not work for any one organization in particular, although we do have several long-term relationships and partnerships in the industry. TBF is proudly partners in fishing with MLF: majorleaguefishing.com/

The main focus of the The Bass Federation (TBF) is to work for:

  • Our members
  • The member State Federations
  • The industry as a whole
  • Youth, by establishing activities for them that foster their learning and skill levels pertaining to the sport of fishing
  • Conservation, by joining together to demand clean waters, to protect anglers rights and by making additional funds available to the member states through our partners, sponsors and other avenues to assist with conservation projects
  • Fishing, by providing a means for our members to compete in the majority of the most prestigious tournaments in the world
  • While our name contains the word “bass” and would imply we are bass fishermen only. That is not the case. ”Our mission is to support fishing and support the industry. We are “about fishing.”


The Bass Federation or “TBF” as we are commonly known, is the largest and oldest broad-based, independent, grassroots organization in fishing, and truly is the backbone of the entire sport. TBF is 100% owned by its members. The success of the Federation in improving and furthering the sport of fishing has been monumental and continues to be felt worldwide.

TBF is a proud and honored member of the fresh water fishing hall of fame.

While our members’ accomplishments are far too numerous to list, many of them boil down to two key areas: youth and conservation.


In the youth area, we have focused our efforts on the sport’s number one priority: get young people fishing. That includes just getting a fishing rod in their hands, as well as getting families outdoors.

These efforts are key when it comes to facilitating the recruitment of young anglers and introducing them to the values and ethics of fishing and the outdoors.

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It is a widely known fact among sportsmen and women that outdoors enthusiasts have done far more to protect and enhance (to conserve) natural habitats (“the environment”) than environmental groups. Among that elite crowd, no group of people has done more than TBF Federation members.

Our Federation member’s efforts in conservation have included everything from habitat projects, to fighting polluters, to working with fish and game departments, to weighing-in on local, state and federal legislation and much more. These efforts and accomplishments are unmatched in fishing.

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The Future and Fun

The ongoing and future health of the sport of fishing, and the clean family values associated with it, are our only goals, along with providing fun experiences for our members.

TBF Formation

In an effort to continue the Federation’s independent membership’s support and growth of the industry over the coming decades, as well as to provide broader opportunities for TBF Federation members, the individual state Federations formally joined together under a single 100% member owned as a company called The Bass Federation Inc. (TBF).

TBF’s focus is the individual state Federations and the tens of thousands of members that make up those TBF-affiliated Federations at the local level, and harnessing those collective synergies and buying power to benefit individual members (i.e., the product-buying consumers).

This gives us a stronger foundation – in part so we can better-support our industry partners – and will ensure the success of the grassroots support of this entire industry well into the future.

 Current TBF Board of Directors and Officers

President/CEO & Chairman of the Board
Mr. Robert Cartlidge
Federation National Office
5998 N Pleasant View Road
Ponca City, Ok 74601
Ph 580-765-9031

Vice President Sales and Marketing
Mr. Kelly Gohman
Minnesota Office

National Board Member
Mr. Charles Mitchell

Corporate Treasurer & National Board Member
Mr. Donnie Keeton

National Board Member
Mr. Jim Sparrow

National Board Member
Mr. Gary Morris

National Board Member
Mr. Donald Linder

National Board Member
Mr. Rod Allen

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