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The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) is the oldest and largest organized grassroots Fishing, Youth, and Conservation organization there is!

TBF is “Owned By Those We Serve And Dedicated To The Sport Of Fishing.”

Founders of the National High School Fishing movement  in 2006 –

Co-Founders of the Association Of Collegiate Anglers (ACA) – 2006

          Home to the Future Fishermans Foundation and the Hooked on Fishing Not On Drugs Program (HOFNOD)  – 

All managed under the Federation Angler umbrella of companies.  –

Who can I contact for questions?

General questions? Email us by clicking here or call us at 580.765.9031 Mon-Fri from 8 am-5 pm CST.  State issue?  Contact your state President, here’s a President Contact List by state!

How can I join or start a TBF club?

Find 5 friends and start your own TBF club!

To learn how to start a new TBF club or to get your existing bass club affiliated with TBF see our ‘Members’ page it’s easy! Or to join a TBF club in your state, email your State Federation to find the closest club contact.

I am a young angler do you have anything for me?

TBF has programs for junior, high school, and college students!

Join or start a TBF Student Angler Federation (SAF) Club with local your school or as an “after school” club, even home-schooled anglers can get in on the action. Student Angler Federation annual membership is just $25 & also includes an MLF membership and free entry in SAF National events and MLF High School events!

For college-level anglers, we have the Association of Collegiate Anglers start a college fishing activity club at your college and start fishing! College dues are only $45 a year and INCLUDE a MLF subscriber membership.

There is something for everyone. For details check out our Youth Pages.

TBF is also home to the Future Fisherman Foundation (F3) a 501(c) 3 foundation that conducts the Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs program, Tackle For Educators Program and a variety of other fishing education curriculum and programs at the elementary and middle school levels. F3 programming is in over 1,000 schools in the US.

I’m concerned about common sense conservation of our natural resources and having access to them in the future. How can I get involved?

Conservation is a core principle of The Bass Federation. Each state Federation has a conservation program as does TBF National. We would welcome any and all help as there is power in numbers. Each year grants and support is awarded be used at the local level. Our grassroots membership is a powerful lobby for bills and laws that support recreational fishing and sensible management of our natural resources. TBF is not a left-wing group of radical environmentalists. We recognize that sensible and practical conservation is our future and many different needs have to be balanced. Go to our conservation section and see our latest conservation projects.

Do you have to be in a TBF club to be a TBF member?

Yes and no. Anyone can be a TBF Member. However, you must be a member of the state TBF organization (State Federation) to be able to fish the state events. There is a myriad of benefits to being a State federation member and being a part of that grassroots level. We highly encourage you to join an affiliated club.  To find a TBF club near you to join, email your state Federation. To learn how to start your own 6 person club, visit the Join page.

What do I get for being a TBF member?

As we like to say……“It Pays To Belong To TBF.”  Throughout each year there are a number of offers and promotions that any member can take advantage of and save more money than their entire membership dues cost them for the year, essentially making your membership “free”!

It changes often so stay informed by signing up for our weekly Enews letter! Click here to see our list of TBF member benefits.

Are there opportunities to advance to big tournaments or even fish professionally?

TBF members qualify through their club events and State Federations to fish a “Local” TBF National Semi-Final.  From there, each state advances one boater and co-angler to the TBF Federation National Championship.

Is The Bass Federation (TBF) owned by MLF or someone else?

No, TBF is proudly partnered with MLF. TBF and MLF are “Partners In Fishing.” TBF is 100% member owned through the State Federations.

Do you have to be an MLF member to be a TBF member?

No but the benefits are huge! Currently TBF adult membership is $50 a year, AND it includes an MLF SUBSCRIBER membership; it pays to belong to TBF! AND TBF members get the industry lowest guaranteed rate to upgrade to a MLF competitor membership at $48.75 if you wish to fish a MLF event.
It’s one stop shopping!  FLW is a great partner for TBF and provides many benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL TBF members must pay their $50 national dues through TBF, (through their home club or state federation).  IF you wish to fish a MLF event just tell them you are a TBF member to get the competitor discount rate.