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State Federations

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Arkansas (AR)
President: Doug Thompson
E-mail Doug
ARBF web site:

Kansas (KS)
President: Ray Hillebrand
E-mail Ray
KSBF web site:

Louisiana (LA) 
President: Austin Abadie
E-mail Austin
LA TBF Website:

Mississippi (MS) 
President: Edwin Gregory
E-mail – Edwin
MSBF web site:

Missouri (MO) 
President: Chris Dugan
E-mail Chris 
MOBF web site:

Nebraska (NE)
President: Tony Cimino
E-mail Tony

Oklahoma (OK)
President: Don Linder
E-mail Don
OKBF web site:

Texas (TX) 
President: Dustin Glaze
E-mail Dustin
TXBF web site:


Connecticut (CT)
President: Fred Perry
E-mail Fred
CTBF web site:

Maine (ME) 
President: Nick Deering
E-mail Nick
MEBF web site:

Massachusetts (MA)
President: Joe Mckinnon
MABF web site:

New Hampshire (NH)
President: Joshua Ledbetter
E-mail Joshua
NHBF web site:

New York (NY)
President: Tom Luciano
E-mail Tom
NY TBF Website:

Rhode Island (RI) 
President – Sullivan Brownhill
Email Sullivan

Vermont (VT)
President: Robert Bordeaux
E-mail Robert
VTBF web site:

Ontario (ON)
President – John Grandy
Email John
ON Website:


Delaware (DE) 
President: Gary Brandt
E-mail Gary
DEBF web site:

Maryland (MD)
President: Thomas Gim
E-mail Thomas
Maryland TBF web site:

Nations Capitol (DC) 
President: John Sisson
E-mail John
DCBF web site:

New Jersey (NJ) 
President: Mike Keller
E-mail Mike
NJBF web site:

Pennsylvania (PA) 
President: Christopher Wilson
Email Christopher
PABF web site:

Virginia (VA) 
President: Scott Whitmore
E-mail Scott
VABF web site:

West Virginia (WV) 
President: Jim Brown
E-mail Jim
WVBF web site:


Illinois (IL) 
President: Steve Tatum
E-mail Steve
ILBF web site:

Indiana (IN) 
President: Mike Goins
E-mail Mike
INBF web site:

Iowa (IA) 
President: Kirk Kinnaman
E-mail Kirk
INBF web site:

Michigan (MI) 
President: David Reault
MIBF web site:

Minnesota (MN) 
President: Eric Ritter
E-mail Eric
MNBF web site:

Ohio (OH) 
President: Dean Barnhart
E-mail Dean
OHBF web site:

South Dakota (SD)
President: Zack Quien
Email Zack

Wisconsin (WI) 
President: Chad Klein
E-mail Chad
WIBF web site:


Alabama (AL)
President: Jim Sparrow
E-mail Jim
ALBF web site:

Florida (FL) 
President: AJ Willequer
E-mail AJ

Georgia (GA) 
President: Jerry Adams
E-mail Jerry
GABF web site:

Kentucky (KY) 
President: Mike Sullivan
E-mail Mike
KYBF web site:

North Carolina (NC) 
President: Andy Council
E-mail Andy
NCBF web site:

South Carolina (SC) 
President: Jimmy Vining
E-mail Jimmy
SCBF web site:

Tennessee (TN) 
President: Dewayne Dotson
E-mail Dewayne
TNBF web site:


Idaho (ID)
President: Loren Torok
E-mail Loren
IDBF web site:

Montana (MT) 
President: Don Collins
E-mail Don
MTBF web site:

Oregon (OR)
President: Tom Hartshorn
E-mail Tom
ORBF web site:

Washington (WA) 
President: Tony Steiner
E-mail Tony
WABF web site:


Arizona (AZ)
President: Jai Janoe
AZBF web site:

California (CA) 
President: Archie Steel
E-mail Archie
CABF web site:

Colorado (CO) 
President: Troy Stinson
E-mail Troy

COTBF web site:

Nevada (NV)
President: Steven Heck
Email Steven
TNBF Website:

New Mexico (NM)
President: Justin Allen

Email Justin

Utah (UT)
President: Joe Johnson
E-mail Joe
UTBF website: