Two Exciting Opportunities Coming for Student and Junior Anglers

We have a lot of news to share with you about our upcoming youth events.

First of all if the news hasn’t gotten to you or your junior anglers yet the site has been determined for the NGJWC. Our Junior Anglers will be fishing on legendary Lake Lanier right along side all the top FLW pro’s!

Well not exactly fishing the same spots! Our junior anglers will be fishing in Little River and Wahoo Creek which will be the designated area for the TBF Junior Anglers during the NGJWC and it will be off limits to the pros during the Forrest Wood Cup.

Now stop and think about that for just a minute, when has any other organization ever put a section of a major lake off limits during the biggest event of the year to support the TBF Junior Program???

 The answer is never and I would like to thank the FLW Outdoors and all of their touring pro’s for making that possible.

We are still nailing down exactly where our group will be housed and where events like the legendary National Guard Pizza Party will be held. But we will share that info with everyone as soon as the contracts are signed.

We have a good fundraising program available to you to help fund your anglers travel to this event and if you have any questions on how to get started with that you can contact me at: or call our office at 580-765-9031.

We will be working very hard to continue to provide a first class event for our Junior Anglers in Atlanta and we will have more details on the event coming your way soon.

Next I’m sure by now you have seen the press release for the High School World Championship Finals that will be held in July in Russellville Arkansas. This is the first step in building what promises to be the premier event in High School Fishing and hopefully the stimulus that gets State’s moving on their efforts to bring High School Fishing in as an approved sport.

This event is a no entry fee event and we’ve got a plan that will allow us to eventually handle a 1000 boat field so anyone can participate with just a little effort.

To come to this event you only need to be a member of a SAF sanctioned 6 person school club. Anglers will fish as a two person team so a 6 member club can send three boats.

Now if you are a TBF Youth premium member ($25 membership) you don’t need to join the SAF and pay again. You only need to get 5 other members from your school to join and then register your school club.

Also, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, if you can’t get your school club formed by the time school ends you do have an option.

You can join a nationwide SAF Club for this year only. Now to do this the cost is $50 each or $100 per boat.  We would much rather you get 6 members and raise $150 rather than taking this route but if you can’t get that done then this is an option for you to participate.

We will ask you to take one of our school start up packets home with you and get your school club ready for next year so be prepared to make that happen when you get back home! The more school clubs we get formed across the country the bigger and better this event will become each year so be prepared to do your part.

As you can see we are dedicated to growing our youth programs across the country and getting more young adults off the couch and back into the great outdoors.

Until next time don’t forget to take a kid fishing today!                                                                                

Mark Gintert