2016 Southern Divisional Championship Final Results

Bryan Dowdy Wins TBF Southern Divisional

Bryan Dowdy, representing the Tennessee Bass Federation, weighed in only four fish today for a weight of 13-11 pounds. That gave him a total of 48-03 pounds and was enough to hold on for the win at the Southern Divisional Championship at Santee Cooper Lakes. Bryan once again also had the biggest bas for the day. He weighed in a 7-07 brute on Day three for the Big Bass Award.
Less than three pounds behind him was Justin Lanier, from Georgia with 16-11 pounds today, giving him a final weight of 46-09 pounds. Michael Wasden of Tennessee weighed 15-04 today for a total weight of 42-04 pounds and a third place finish. Tracy Hewitt of South Carolina finished fourth after he weighed 12-01 today to give him 41-06 pounds. Fifth place belongs to Taylor Watkins of Alabama who had 7-02 pounds today and finished with 38-03 pounds.
In the state to state competition, Georgia edged out Alabama for the state championship title.

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