Around The TBF – February 2009 Youth Newsletter

Sooner or later that snow and ice is going to melt and it’s going to be time to go fishing!!

I know many of you will be going to sport, boat and outdoor shows across the country and if your really lucky one of the FLW events is going to come to your town. If it does by all means please come to the event. It is truly one of the greatest shows in all fishing!!
Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a FLW series event in Clewiston Florida and although it doesn’t have all the fan fare of a tour event it drew a great crowd to the Local Wal-Mart in Clewiston. One of the neat things about an event like this is the economic impact that it has on the local economy. A representative from the local bureau of tourism said that the annual event in Clewiston is the biggest economic boost that the city receives each year.
If a tour event is headed to your town it can also be a huge economic impact to your local club. This year the FLW has a new program that allows your adult or youth club to hand out free tickets to any and all of your friends and families. And here is the great thing, they will pay your club one dollar for every ticket that is turned in at the National Guard Fun Zone. That’s right; if you hand out 500 tickets and those people turn them in at the fun zone your club will receive $500 for their efforts!! Now that’s about as simple as it gets!! Talk about your economic stimulus!!!! If your club is interested in getting involved please contact me and I’ll get you the details on how to participate.
I’m also happy to report that our school program is starting to gain some momentum with our first couple of schools coming on board. With spring hopefully just around the corner were expecting more schools to come on board as the number of applications for our DVD is continuing to increase. Please remember this program just isn’t limited to schools. If you have a Boy/Girl Scout Troop, a Boys and Girls club or any organization that is looking to get kids involved in the outdoors drop me a note as this program can work for almost everyone. We’re also starting to lay the ground work for phase two of this program which will include a greater emphasis on conservation and aquatic education.
As the spring draws closer please remember to get your junior anglers signed up and plan your state qualifying tournaments. We would like to have all of these completed by early June if possible.
For those of you in the northern half of the country hang in there!!! Spring will be here soon!
Until next month don’t forget to take a kid fishing today!
                                                                                                Mark Gintert