Around the TBF Youth Newsletter – February 2010

It’s that time of year again when our TBF clubs across the country are attending Boat, Sport and Outdoor shows across the country.

 It’s during these events that a large portion of our Reel Kids Casting Events are held across the country. Now more than ever we need to take advantage of these events to generate new members into our youth program.

 Your clubs can turn these events into a great recruiting tool by simply placing an information sign up sheet at the registration desk of your Reel Kids Events.

Any young boy or girl who has an interest in getting involved in your youth program can sign the sheet along with their contact info. After the event is over you can then go back and contact them about upcoming meetings or club registration.

I’ve done this in the past at several FLW Tour events and I would almost always come away with two or three pages of potential names.

If you’re taking the time to do the event this simple step could really boost your state youth membership numbers. Let’s not let a good opportunity slip away!

 It’s also a great time to get started on our Youth fundraiser. In case you haven’t heard we now have the great opportunity to have our clubs across the country sell a line of outdoor eyewear that is produced by one of our sponsors. (Solar Bat)

There is something for everyone in their selection and the potential profit margins are excellent. Just think about what a great opportunity this is to allow us to generate our own funds and not have to rely on sponsors and handouts for all of the things that we need!

Another good idea for this program is to generate funds for event and travel expenses for your anglers. Whether it’s for your adult state team or youth anglers’ traveling to the NGJWC this is a great way to provide some much needed financial assistance for those who participate in these events.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact me at: and we’ll get your group up to speed on this neat opportunity.

 Until next month, don’t forget to take a kid fishing today!      Mark Gintert