Around the TBF Youth Newsletter – October 2009

As you have no doubt recognized these are tough times for the entire recreational industry and fishing is no exception!
With many of the major players in our sport experiencing significant cutbacks we (The TBF Youth Program) cannot sit back and wait for some magic funding to appear to keep our programs growing.Now is the time to take action and learn to control our own destiny!
And we have just the program to do it.
Our new TBF Eyewear program is coming your way and the sky’s the limit when it comes to your potential to earn money for your junior clubs. If you didn’t see the press release last week this is probably the best potential source of funding that we have ever put together and the best part is we aren’t dependent on a sponsor to provide anything for us!
Here is how it works.
Every Junior Club in the country has the ability to sell an outdoor line of eyewear that was created by one of our own anglers, Gary Nesty of the Indiana Bass Federation. There are three lines of glasses to sell, the first is a line of ANSI approved shooting glasses that can also be used by anyone who is required to wear safety glasses to work or use them on the construction site or the farm. They come with both an amber lens and a gray lens and everything is contained in a very nice logo carrying case.
The second line is our Polarized Sunglass line that has something for everyone including a nice line of glasses for the ladies and cool camo frames for the outdoorsman. 
The third line is our Collegiate Sunglass line and these glasses are in the same category as high tech eyewear from Oakley and others at a fraction of the cost. These lenses can also be fitted for prescriptions and also come with their own carrying case.
The great thing about this program is that the profit that each club has the potential to make is unusually high for a fundraiser! Clubs can earn from $5.00 to $13.00 per pair in profit on each pair of glasses sold. And let’s face it everyone wears sunglasses or protective eyewear at some point in time so it’s a product that everyone can use.
We have started holding divisional conference calls with our state youth directors to go over the specific details so please check with your state YD or President about getting involved in this program or contact me at
We can control our own destiny with the success of this program and all it takes is a little effort on the part of all of us to make it successful!
Until next time, don’t forget to take a kid fishing today!       Mark Gintert