AZ Bass Federation Holds Tournament for Paid Entry to EverStart Series on Havasu

(L-R); Robert Larson (Co-Angler), Tai Au (Co-Angler), John Griffith (Angler),and Jeff Erickson (Angler)

The Arizona Bass Federation held a one day draw format tournament at Lake Pleasant on November 26, 2011 with the prize being paid entry to the EverStart Series tournament scheduled for February 2012 at Lake Havasu. The tournament was restricted to active Arizona TBF members only and the competition proved to be fierce. Mother Nature contributed some wind gusts up to 40mph and a continuous wind of 10-15mph out of the South East to make things interesting for all of the anglers. Greg Krueger, Jeff Erickson, and Chad Jenkins (President, Treasure, and Sponsor DX) were looking for a way to increase the membership base, timely remittance of dues, and provide a “members only” opportunity. EverStart was and is the answer. The tournament was created to express to our anglers that there is a benefit of being involved with Arizona TBF. All entrants for the tournament were required to have their 2012 dues paid to be eligible.

As we are looking forward we will continue to explore the EverStart Series with this type of opportunity for members. We are looking at Clear Lake next and sending additional anglers to other events here in the west in the future as we continue to impress upon our members that TBF is the best path to fishing at an elite level.

The Arizona Bass Federation is proud to announce the four entrants for the EverStart Series (L-R); Robert Larson (Co-Angler), Tai Au (Co-Angler), John Griffith (Angler),and Jeff Erickson (Angler).


Anglers Name Weight
1 John Griffith 8.67
2 Jeff Erickson 6.99
3 Ben Foster 4.9
4 Murray White 2.67
5 Jeff Pfundheller 1.83
6 Justin Seay 0.82
7 Allen Wacker 0
8 Richard Vizcarra 0
9 Mitch Kistner 0
10 Jim Sandy 0
11 Tim Price 0
12 Ron Johnson 0
13 Don Ashford 0
Co-Anglers Name Weight
1 Tai Au 7.24
2 Robert Larson 5.21
3 Jessie Parks 4.13
4 Terry Goode 4.06
5 Jeremy Richards 3.86
6 Brian Dudley 2.05
7 Jim Furimsky 1.75
8 Chad Jenkins 1.67
9 Dustin Ashford 1.21
10 Nick McMurray 1.15
11 Stephen Price 0
12 Mike Legler 0
13 John Farrell 0