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Utah Bass Federation Ready to Assist Utah Division of Wildlife in Improving Fishing in State

Greetings from the great State of Utah! This is Walt Maldonado, Conservation Director for the Utah Bass Federation, giving you the state of the State of Utah. The economy has put a damper in all things related to fishing. License sales have leveled off and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has introduced programs to …

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Tennessee 2010 Habitat Projects

The Tennessee Bass Federation plans to make 2010 a banner year for habitat projects. In addition to our usual upland work, the 2010 emphasis will be on main stream reservoirs with three large projects planned across the state. The Standing Tree Project (as described in the TBF proposed project list) will be implemented on Kentucky …

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TBF Conservation News

Last week I had the great opportunity to attend the Florida Bass Federation State Tournament and I saw a rather unique weigh-in procedure that I thought went very well especially from a conservation standpoint. As the anglers returned to the launch site and passed by the check–in dock there was a long rope that stretched …

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The Bass Federation Conservation Directors form four advisory teams

As was previously reported in the July edition of FLW Outdoors, The Bass Federation Conservation Directors formed four advisory teams to help meet the needs our resources and to support our membership. The teams formed during the TBF National Championship presented by the National Guard in Branson, Mo. are focused on media, legislative, education and …

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