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HIGH SCHOOL FISHING’S ULTIMATE EVENT TO BE HELD IN RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS The Bass Federation announced today it will conduct the inaugural High School Fishing World Finals in Russellville, Ark. on Lake Dardanelle, July 19-24, 2010. Anglers from more than 15 U.S. States and Canada are expected to attend this pinnacle event of TBF’s Student …

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Student Angler Federation Bass Tournament-Sandy River Showdown

Orrey Lloyd

What event could possibly get today’s teenagers out of bed at 0430 on a Sunday? An opportunity to compete in the first ever Student Angler Federation Bass Tournament in Virginia. Sunday March 28th 2010, 12 members of the Kenston Forest Kavalier Bass Assassins competed with one another in an internal school qualifier dubbed the Sandy …

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Maryville Middle School Bass Club in Tennessee

Heard the phrase, “Hook, line, and sinker?” Literally speaking fisherman want the fish to swallow the bait fully- hook, line, and sinker. This old adage refers to accepting another’s point of view.   It seems that Maryville Middle School in Maryville, TN has bought the idea of having a fishing club: hook, line, and sinker. In fact …

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High School Fishing – A Varsity Sport?

Yes, it can happen in your state! And it has already happened in Illinois and it is gaining momentum in other states.   So what does it take to get High School fishing approved as a sport? Well as you can imagine that answer varies from state to state.   Let’s start with Illinois; probably …

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