College bass anglers to compete in largest-ever national championship

More than 200 student anglers to convene on Lake Lewisville next week

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Sept. 8, 2008) – The field is set for the 2008 BoatU.S.National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship (NCBFC), with 106 two-person teams representing 57 schools from 23 states registered to participate. The full-field enrollment makes it the largest college bass tournament ever held.

Presented by Careco Multimedia and Fox College Sports, the three-day tournament takes place on Lake Lewisville, Texas (near Dallas), Sept. 18-20. The stage is unlike any other in collegiate sports because regardless of school size, each team competes against one another on equal terms in head-to-head competition.

Among the mix are traditional college-sport Division I powerhouses from the Big 12, SEC, Pac-10, Big East and more, but there are also many small schools that don’t have big time athletic programs. A team from North Carolina State won the inaugural event in 2006. Last year it was a Texas A&M team. However, it was the University of Montevallo (Alabama) that won a large regional event earlier in the year over schools like Auburn, Ole Miss and Georgia.

“This is fishing and bass don’t really care about who’s on the other end of the line,” said Wade Middleton, tournament director and a longtime television fishing show host. “That’s the beauty of this sport and why the field can be so diverse and every team has a chance at winning. Many of our participants excelled at other sports in high school but couldn’t or didn’t want to compete at the college level. In fishing, just about any student who wants to can get involved,” he said.

From last year’s winning Texas A&M team, Justin Rackley had aspirations of a pro baseball career before an injury ended the dream. Now he’s known on campus for his bass fishing success and has his sights set on a pro fishing career.

Montevallo’s Clent Davis has always been focused on fishing. “I grew up fishing, love the sport and am thrilled to have this opportunity to fish on our school’s team,” he said. “We like the fact that we can go right up against the big guys and know we can beat them. Right now our team members are recruiting new students to carry on what we’ve started.”

Also unlike other college sports, bass fishing teams can be male, female or co-ed. In some instances, it has been the girls responsible for starting their school’s fishing program. That was certainly the case with Tiffany Spencer from the University of Texas-Arlington and Kat Cammack from the Metropolitan State College of Denver (Colo.). Both ladies were instrumental in getting fishing clubs started and their teams entered into the championship.

For teams to be eligible to compete in the championship they must be officially recognized school fishing programs. During NCBFC competition, each team is responsible for full operation of their boats. Only artificial lures are allowed and each team is allowed to weigh-in five bass, measuring at least 14 inches in length for largemouth and 12 inches for spotted bass, each day. Team standings are based on cumulative total weights each day. After the second day of competition, only the top five teams advance to the third and final day. The finalists compete from equally rigged Ranger Z-21 bass boats with Yamaha outboards, MotorGuide trolling motors and Garmin electronics.

All teams are fishing for the more than $35,000 in scholarships and prizes, but in the true sense of college rivalries most say the real honor comes in carrying the national championship award back home to their schools. “Trevor (Knight) and I lifting the trophy over our heads last year was an unbelievable experience that I’ll never forget,” said Texas A&M’s Rackley. “It’s something I’d like to do again this year.” Rackley has a chance to repeat as he does return, but with a new partner as Knight graduated since last year’s win.

The championship will be featured along with several other collegiate regional bass fishing events as part of the 13-episode NCBFC television series produced by Careco Multimedia in conjunction with Fox College Sports that begins airing in early October on Fox College Sports and affiliated networks.

The 2008 NCBFC is made possible by a long listing of leading companies, including BoatU.S., BoatU.S. Angler, Ranger Boats, Cabela’s, American Rodsmiths, Anglers’ Legacy, Abu Garcia, Aviva Fishin’ Buddy, Berkley, Costa Del Mar, EPIC Sports Video Cam, Falcon FTO tackle organizers, Fenwick, Frogg Toggs, Garmin, Gemini Sport Marketing, Lago Vista Lodge, Gene Larew Lures, MotorGuide, PowerPole, Rapala’s Fishing Frenzy, Sebile, Sperry Top-Sider, TruckVault, Witz Sportcases, Yamaha, City of Lewisville, Sneaky Pete’s Marina and Fox College Sports.

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2008 BoatU.S. Championship Teams

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Auburn University – Adam Murphree/Clay Messer

Auburn University – Richard Peek/Paul Davis

Auburn University – Sam Rochell/Dennis Parker

Faulkner University – John Galloway/Justin Barnes

Faulkner University – Kyle Tindol/Michael Eubanks

Troy University – Craig Karrh/Tyler Weaver

University of Alabama – Foster Bradley/Brent Frederick

University of Alabama – Ben Weldon/Warren Hoffman

University of Alabama – Daniel Statum/Jeff Aul

University of Alabama-Birmingham – Tim Waits/Braxton Setzer

University of Montevallo – Clent Davis/Chuck Holderfield

University of Montevallo – Dustin Gray/Josh Lamar

University of South Alabama – Jonathan Pope/Joshua Pope

University of South Alabama – Tyler Pitts/Matt Gardner


Arizona State – Mitch Kistner/Craig Carroll

Arizona State – Brent Perkins/Michael Eyler

Arizona State – Chris Yee/Whitney Cummins


Arkansas Tech – Wesley Lambert/Trevor Graddy

Arkansas Tech – Eric Shatford/Matthew Goddard

University of Arkansas – Jerid Jones/Chris Jackson

University of Arkansas – Kazuki Kitajima/Bodie Drake

University of Arkansas – Matt Graves/Jay Berry


Metropolitan State College of Denver – Adam McHenry/Kat Cammack


University of Central Florida – Brent Compton/Joe Forker

University of Central Florida – Scott Noce/Patrick Mangold

Webber International University – Duane Bowman/Harris Hartley

Webber International University – Marty Wilson/Alicia Mohler


Georgia College & State University – Matt Henry/Zach Olson


Ball State University – Tyler Steward/Ryan Meinart

Ball State University – Jed Puckett/Brent Paull

Indiana University – Eric Boger/Tyler Zschiedrich

Purdue University – Jacob Spencer/Chris Bookout

Purdue University – Aaron McAlexander/Ben Wood

Purdue University – Chad Dunham/


Southern Illinois University – Richard Dunham/Tyler Ailor

Southern Illinois University – Bryan Partak/Colby Thompson


University of Iowa – Josh Heine/Matt Taylor

University of Iowa – Tyler Mehrl/Bob Downey


Kansas State – Casey Smith/Jared Brooks

Kansas State – Ben Fuchs/Aaron Barney


Eastern Kentucky University – Andrew Luxon/Richard Cobb

Eastern Kentucky University – Ryan Oller/Christopher Davis

Eastern Kentucky University – Tyler Moberly/James Wathen

Murray State University – Daniel Langton/Cory Carr

Murray State University – Drew Snider/Treston Smith

University of Kentucky – Todd Hodges/Aaron Young

University of Louisville – Travis Andres/Cody Greenwell

Western Kentucky University – Adam Hock/Matt Baker


Louisiana State University-Shreveport – Zachary Caudle/Harmon Carson

Louisiana State University-Shreveport – Patrick Morton/Will Moore

Louisiana Tech University – Aaron Rogillio/Jordan Wiggins

Louisiana Tech University – Brock Brunson/Brandon Holmes

Northwestern State University – Zachary Gaghard/Paul Rini

Northwestern State University – Nathan Fields/Jonathan Bennett

Northwestern State University – Jeff Rich/Aaron Sistrunk

University of Louisiana-Lafayette – Cody McCrary/Neil Arnaud


Drury University – Drew Sanford/Drew Simon

Drury University – Alex Sahliyeh/Derek Brown

Southeast Missouri State University – Adam Zielinski/Alex Skelton

Southeast Missouri State University – Taylor Gorton/Mike Rains


Mississippi State University – Bradley Sartain/Harry Halliwell

Mississippi State University – Cal Clark/Wes Gibson

University of Mississippi – Chad Hollan/Richard Orr


University of Nebraska – Tony Cimino/Seth Zentner

University of Nebraska – Shane Strope/Drew Friedrich


North Carolina State University – Will White/Kyle Hodgin

North Carolina State University – Joshua Hooks/Chad Bazen


Oklahoma State University – James Elam/Kris McDonald

Oklahoma State University – Daniel Davis/Orie Chambers

University of Oklahoma – Chip Porche’/Matt Pangrac

University of Oklahoma – Jordon Nichols/Justin Hurd


University of Oregon – Carter Troughton/Ross Richards

University of Oregon – Chris Parks/Joe Cote


Penn State – Jason Haney/Derrick Hughes


Freed – Hardeman University – John Lawson/Nathan Pirtle

University of Tennessee – Nicholas Tate/Chris Tate

University of Tennessee-Martin – Matthew Tubbs/Kevin Shorey

University of Tennessee-Martin – Michael Keatts/Matthew Jones


Baylor University – Jay Holland/Christopher Gass

Baylor University – Andrew McAdams/Ryan Thompson

Lamar University – Joshua Maddox/Matt Morrison

Sam Houston State – Joshua Rush/Bubba Gough

Sam Houston State – Bill Weekly/Trey Rapsilver

Stephen F. Austin State University – Kendall Wleczyk/Cale Schrock

Stephen F. Austin State University – Ryan Watkins/Andrew Upshaw

Tarleton State University – Chris Michels/Tanner Morgan

Tarleton State University – Cole Koenig/Kyle Barfield

Tarleton State University – John Anderson/Kent Andries

Texas A&M University – William Edmonds/Kenny Stewart

Texas A&M University – Justin Rackley/Andrew Shafer

Texas A&M University-Kingsville – Jerod Hawkes/

Texas Tech – Ryan Dupriest/Laramie Coggan

Texas Tech – Wesley Medford/Russell Felt

Texas Tech – Chad Pabody/John Guest

University of North Texas – Brandon Dickenson/Kevin Lain

University of North Texas – Steven Hollowell/Chaz Pair

University of Texas-Austin – Mason Welch/John Reina

University of Texas-Austin – William Waldschmidt/Micah Scheler

University of Texas-Austin – Ty Brockhoeft/Bobby Frey

University of Texas-Arlington – Stephen Pineau/Drew Bryan

University of Texas-Arlington – Brady Beal/Bryan Lewis

University of Texas-Arlington – Tiffany Spencer/Taryn Bishop


Virginia Tech – Scott Wiley/Charlie Machek

Virginia Tech – Brett Thompson/


University of Wisconsin-Madison – Derek Frederixon/Drew Frederixon

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – Joseph Marty/Curtis Meshak

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – Kristopher Korn/Casey Kmiecik