Conservation Program Moving Forward

It wasn’t all fun and games last week at the TBF National Championship!

While 88 of the Federations top Anglers were out on the water fishing, Conservation Directors from each state met to lay the ground work for the future of the conservation movement.

This new direction is centered around four major initiatives that utilize advisory teams made up of Conservation Directors from each division. The Initiatives include Project Development, Legislation, Education, and a Media Group.

“Our intent is to get everyone working together on common goals that are designed to fulfill our mission statement” cited Mark Gintert the TBF National Conservation Director.

We have a great wealth of knowledge and experience in this group and what we’re trying to accomplish with our advisory teams is harnessing that energy and knowledge and put it to use for the good of the Federation and our fisheries.

“On initiatives like legislation we need to be able to collect pertinent items that affect our sport and bring them to the attention of our leadership and our entire membership group. We also plan on partnering with as many like minded organizations as possible in order to strengthen our voice on key topics.”

“This group is very passionate about what they do and I’m excited about the opportunity to work with them” stated Gintert.

In addition to laying the ground work for the future, this group also was responsible for all of the fish handling duties at this year’s TBF National Championship tournament.

That group led by long time CD Don Linder of Oklahoma did an exceptional job of ensuring that this year’s catch returned to fight another day as they maintained the TBF’s 99% live release rate.

Stay tuned for future news on the TBF Conservation Front!