TBF National Semi Finals Contingencies

TBF National Semi Finals – Contingency Awards Info. for BFL All-American and for Ranger CUP!

We don’t want any TBF angler to miss out on any contingency award!

  • BFL All-American Advancement from the Federation Championship  / FLW Competitor Membership Contingency –  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
    • HERE is the BFL All-American contingency in detail PLEASE READ ALL CAREFULLY –  Just like any other contingency prize (think Ranger cup or a Big Fish pot, etc.) You need to  be  a part of the group BEFORE you attempt to qualify.  SO, under the new program with MLF/FLW IF you wish to advance to the BFL All-American (14 anglers = top boater and top co-co-angler from each division) from spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship, you MUST upgrade to a FLW competitor membership directly with FLW  BEFORE you  fish the National Semi Finals, it cannot be done even 1 day after the National Semi Final event. Period. It is a contingency just like any other you MUST be in before you attempt to qualify
    • IT IS NOT REQUIRED, to fish any TBF event, getting into a big bass pot is not required but if your not in it you cannot win advancement to the 2021 BFL All-American SHOULD you be the one(1) to win your division at the spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship.
    • HERE IS HOW  – First off with a National TBF membership we provide through our partnership with FLW a Subscriber membership to every TBF member. For 99% of the federation members that takes care of fishing  everything TBF!

As previously widely published when MLF acquired FLW changes were made  to the program and a FLW competitor membership (required to fish a FLW event NOT a TBF event) was separated out at a cost of $60  annually to be a FLW as a competitor member to everyone in the nation.  HOWEVER, since a TBF membership already gains you a FLW subscriber membership all TBF member who choose to fish a FLW event only OR want to be eligible to advance from the TBF Federation Championship only needs to upgrade to a FLW Competitor level membership DIRECTLY WITH FLW if they desire too at the guaranteed lowest price of $48.50 all you have to do is tell them you are  TBF member. Has NOTHING to do with being able to fishing a TBF event like the national semi-final or the Federation National Championship)

2020 TBF Federation Co-angler National Champion Derick Pendleton

2020 TBF Federation National Champion Boater Lance Freeman











To upgrade if YOU want to be eligible:  Simply call FLW directly, BEFORE you fish a TBF National Semi final TELL them YOU ARE A TBF MEMBER, as a TBF member you are already a subscriber member therefore TBF members get the guaranteed lowest price in the nation for a FLW competitor membership, instead of $60 it is only $48.50 to TBF members since we have already taken care of the subscriber membership and this is a upgrade. That it. If you don’t care about advancement from the spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship to a FLW event then you don’t need to do anything.  IF you need help just call the office.   Thanks all! MORE below.




IF you are the owner of  a Ranger boat (does NOT have t be original owner and does not have to be any make or year model requirements for TBF events!  YOU can sign up and WIN Ranger Cup CASH!

$500 to the top Ranger Cup qualified boater at each TBF National semi final event and THOUSANDS $$  to both Boaters and Co-anglers who are Ranger Cup qualified at the 2021 TBF Federation National Championship. This program runs a calendar year and you must sign up at the beginning of each year or before you fish a qualified event.