Cranberry Country Bassmasters – Wisconsin Holds Kids Casting Event

Our club held its first Kids Casting event of the year at Freeze Fest in Tomah, WI. It was the second Freeze Fest ever so it was new to the area. It is going to be an annual event from now on so we should see more participation every year. This year’s event was won by a brother and sister. We almost didn’t hold the event because of our lack of paperwork, targets and no fishing rods. Our club bought 3 rods and reels and copied a few entry forms. Luckily we found 2 targets in our club trailer that we could use. We would like to hold another event this summer but will need more rods and targets. Hopefully, our club can raise some money to buy some equipment for our event. Following are the winners of this competition:

Kole Cherrier
Age 12
Birth Date- March 20, 1999
Score – 120

Keagan Cherrier
Age 9
Birth Date – March 18, 2002
Score – 70

Pat Loendorf
Secretary/ Cranberry Country Bassmasters