Every Dog Has His Day – Today It was MA’s David McNary’s

Eastern Division Championship Concludes

September 17, 2010 – Sixteen more anglers have qualified for the 2011 TBF National Championship today, amid the treacherous weather that hampered hours of very important fishing time.

David McNary

David McNary

The final day started off with a weather delay. Anglers were not able to launch until nearly 10:30 this morning, which makes up for about half the day lost. With it being the last day, and the tournament being close, this was a concern for anglers in contention to finish in the top 2 spots of their states, but not nearly the concern it was for TBF officials to make sure everyone returned to weigh-in safely, which they did.

Yesterday, David McNary of Woburn, MA was in 3rd place, as he was the first day. His daily weights were consistent with 15-15 (day 1) and 15-7 (day 2). Today, his final day weight was 15-13, making a 3-day total of 47 lbs 3 oz, and it was enough to win the entire tournament, even as a non-boater. “Today was hectic because of the delay due to weather. I went to the places where I’d been fishing all week and caught 2 small ones. But then the weather cleared up and sun came out. I caught 15 bass in the last 2 hours.” said McNary. Nearly all of his smallmouth were 2.75 – 3.25 lbs each. The first 2 days, he had two 4 pounders fish to rely on, but not today. He caught them all in nearly the same local place on 3 different baits. “I was just lucky!” When asked on stage if he had anything to say, he simply stated, “Every dog has his day.”
McNary says since he moved his fishing club over to the Federation in Massachusetts, his fishing knowledge has increased greatly. “I would like to thank Peter MacLellan and the other Mass. officers who have helped me by educating me in the last 6 years when joining the Federation. I have improved my fishing tremendously,” McNary said. He would also like to thank the boating partners he drew each day. They were all very gracious to let him have his time to fish in his spots. Today’s boater was Brendan Knaggs of Ontario. This will be McNary’s first time to qualify for the National Championship.
In the final overall standings, yesterday’s leader Tim Austin, VT finished in 2nd place with 46-3, just 1 pound behind McNary. Bruce Acox, NH, day 1 leader finished in 3rd place with 43 lbs even.
The top 2 anglers of each state and contenders for the 2011 TBF National Championship are (1st advances as a boater/angler, 2nd advances as non-boater/co-angler):
Steven Bender, Angler: 15/15, 33lbs 7oz
Dominic Gambardella, Co-Angler: 13/13, 32-03
David McNary, Angler: 15/15, 47-03 (overall winner)
Jason Bacon, Co-Angler: 15/15, 41-14
Peter Diaco, Angler: 15/15, 34-13
Eric Low, Co-Angler: 13/13, 31-10
New Hampshire
Bruce Acox, Angler: 15/15, 43-00
Donald Gagnon, Co-Angler: 14/14, 39-00
New York
Ryan Latinville, Angler: 13/13, 33-14
Casey Casamento, Co-Angler: 15/15, 30-15
Ontario, Canada
Todd Currie, Angler: 15/14, 41-06
Alvin Tung, Co-Angler: 15/15 30-15
Rhode Island
Carl Andrade, Angler: 15/15, 32-12
Ron Proia, Co-Angler: 12/12, 31-04
Tim Austin, Angler: 15/15, 46-03
Tom Coloutti, Co-Angler: 15/15, 40-00


In the State Team Standings, Massachusetts made a huge jump today, but couldn’t quite take over Vermont’s lead. Vermont ends up winning in the state contest with 3-Day Team total of 378lbs even. MA State Team ended up in 2nd place, even after dominating today by bringing in 32 lbs more than VT. But having that 38 lb deficit yesterday, they came up a little short. MA had a 3-day team total of 371-13. In 3rd was NH with 321-08, 4th Place Maine with 287-07, 5th – Ontario, 6th – NY, 7th – CT and 8th – RI.

The full results of the tournament can be found on our results page. Pictures from the tournament can be found on our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/TheBassFederation
Next week will wrap up the 2010 TBF Division Series Tournaments with the Mid-Atlantic. TBF Staff and Board will be in Perryville, Maryland for the 2010 TBF Mid-Atlantic Division Championship at Susquehanna Flats/Upper Chesapeake. This will qualify the last of the contenders for the 2011 TBF National Championship next spring.