Host State of Colorado and Mezenen of Utah Lead on Day one of the 2012 TBF Southwest Division Championship

Cloud cover late last night stabilized the heat and kept the bite active on day one of the 2012 Southwest Division Championship presented by Solar Bat on Lake Navajo in Navajo State Park, in Arboles, Co.  The championship is hosted by the Sky Ute Casino and Resort, and includes 12 member state teams from five different TBF states.  These state teams are all competing this week for the 2012 Division Champion titles, both in the overall state standings and in the individual standings.  The top two anglers from each state, one boater and one co-angler, will advance to the 2013 Federation National Championship to compete for the national champion titles and the esteemed “Living the Dream” prize package, which includes paid entry fees as an FLW Tour Pro for the year and use of a wrapped Ranger Boat and Chevrolet truck.  If conditions on Lake Navajo continue to remain stable, anglers could see a week of record weights.  60 TBF anglers head out tomorrow hoping for just that, as they look to top the leader boards on day two of the 2012 Southwest Division Championship.

Leading in the individual standings is Roger Mezenen, from Clinton, Utah with a five bass limit weighing 13lbs 12ounces.  “My game plan went just as planned,” Mezenen said.  “I ducked into one little cove with some active fish and had my limit in 20 minutes.”  Mezenen then headed to a second spot where he knew the bigger fish were hiding.  “There I fished slow. I went and culled everything I could upgrade until I was done around 9:30am.”  The cloud cover late last night kept the water warm and had lots of fish moving up.  With the water temperature stabilizing, ranging from 62-64 degrees early this morning, fish were active.  “I was fishing anywhere from 40ft deep to 4inches; I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow, not changing a thing.”  As the weather continues to lend a helping hand, Mezenen hopes the bites will follow.  “Honestly, the way the weather is playing into this we should be able to see good weights or bigger weights every day.”

Only one ounce separates Mezenen from Sean Hinton from Morrison, Co., with a limit of bass weighing 13lbs 11ounces.  Hinton’s representing the host state of Colorado, which is currently leading in the state standings.  Hinton’s a seasoned angler; he will make sure to keep Mezenen and that first place slot in his sights.  In third, close behind is Jon Griffith from Mesa, Ariz., with a limit of bass weighing 12lbs 3ounces.

In the overall team standings, Colorado leads it by a slim 3lbs 4ounces.  The host state of Colorado caught 60 fish for 97lbs 14ounces.  California caught 56 fish weighing 94lbs 10ounces.  In third is Utah with 56 fish weighing 94lbs 1ounce.  In fourth and fifth, is Arizona with 53 fish for 84lbs 5ounces and Nevada with 30 fish for 42lbs 3ounces.

Tonight the anglers are hoping the cloud cover and slight breeze continue to stabilize the waters as the 2012 Southwest Division Championship presented by Solar Bat continues on Lake Navajo in Navajo State Park, Co.