Indiana TBF Member Wins FLW Fantasy Fishing’s TOP Prize!

Last week’s winner of the $5,000 top prize of FLW’s Fantasy Fishing at the Table Rock Tour event, was one of our own Federation members, Roy Marchant, of the Indiana Bass Federation!

Since the early 90’s, Marchant has been a longtime member of the Indiana Federation with the Heart City Bass Club in Elkhart, Indiana. He signed up for FLW’s Fantasy Fishing last year at one of Indiana Bass Federation’s regional meetings after hearing about it from his club president. It’s free to play, anyone can play right from their own computer, and he received Fantasy Fishing “Players Advantage” free with his paid dual TBF & FLW dues. He signed up in the league TBF set up for each state federation, and played with other Indiana Bass Federation members!

Roy’s team pick for the Table Rock Lake FLW Tour Tournament was Brent Ehrler, Ron Shuffield, Bryan Thrift, Scott Martin, Andy Morgan, Clark Wendlandt, Dave Lefebre, Ott Defoe, Michael Bennett & Luke Clausen. He had 3 of the 5 top finishers and 7 of the top 12. Pretty impressive. Picking Ehrler to win the tournament gained him 5,200 points, for a total of 12,730 points. Second place was 856 points away.

When asked, Roy said he spent about an hour and a half doing research online – looking mostly at how the anglers have done early in the seasons and how well they did on particular types of water, in the Southern region, like lakes and rivers. “That time spent has paid off, and I will definitely spend that time again, especially, if it means winning another $5k!” Even though the research helped, modestly, Roy said it was “an educated guess, with a little luck.” After winning, he realized his chances to win seem better when it doesn’t cost anything to participate! Of course, after winning the first event he leads the Fantasy Fishing overall standings and the race for this year’s top prize of $50,000.

Roy already has his team set for the next stop of the FLW Tour at Lake Norman in North Carolina. He has his favorites picked……and he’s not sharing! Can’t blame him.

Congratulations Roy! We would love to see YOU win the $50,000. Keep up the good work, and we’re proud to have you as a TBF Member!

You or someone you know aren’t Fantasy Fishing? Get started now! It’s NOT too late. It’s free to play; you can play in your state federations’ league or set one up for yourself or your club. Active TBF members also get Players Advantage free, which includes all the inside stats and “scoop” to help you pick your team. Players Advantage members win 4 to 1 while playing Fantasy Fishing. So, get your team picked and locked in for the FLW Tour event on Lake Norman. YOU could be the next winner of $5,000 or even $50,000!