Jared Raymer and Ethan Snyder-2010 High School Fishing World Finals Champions

Raymer and Snyder, from Meade County High School sealed the deal today with a sweet victory on the finale of the inaugural 2010 High School Fishing World Finals on Lake Dardanelle. Both walked away with $4,000/yr, renewable for four years, scholarships totaling $16,000 a piece/$32,000 from Bethel University, spots on the Bethel University Varsity Fishing team, $500 Cabelas gift cards, new Compaq laptops, a Berkley Prize Package including a Revo Reel and 30% Pure Fishing on the TBF website, plus some heavy jewelry. The weights were zeroed for the final day of competition, making the playing field level and the weigh-in intense. Raymer and Synder were the last to the stage. With only the team from North Canyon High School in their way, the Meade County team excited the crowd and themselves as the scale read 16lbs 2 ounces, pulling them ahead by 2lbs to win it.

Raymer and Snyder earned the right to be called champions and did so with class. Throughout the event these anglers displayed consistency, determination and sportsmanship at every corner. In the end, their teamwork paid off. “We found this one grass mat that held our fish the whole week,” Raymer said. “We were throwing a strike king with a grey shad on it and we lived and died by the sword on that spot. If there were no fish there we would have been in trouble all week,” Raymer said. “Yeah, we just circled around, circled around, circled around,” Snyder added. They proved to be consistent in their improvements each day. Day one with three fish, day two with four, and today, with five fish both anglers stuck to their topwater pattern and never gave up. “It just got better every day because we dialed in on what we needed to be doing,” Snyder said. “It’s actually funny because we came into this event thinking a swim jig was what was going to work for us, and half way through the first day we just randomly tried out that grey shad; we had never thrown the bait in our lives,” Raymer said. “It paid out big for us.”

The winning team was not the only team who won big; the remaining top six teams did not leave home empty-handed. The second place finishers, Thomas Chambers and Brandon Koon of North Canyon High School, caught five fish weighing 14lbs 8ounces and were awarded trophies, $300 Cabelas gift cards, mini laptops and a Berkley Package including a Revo Reel and 30% Pure Fishing on TBF web. The third place team was, Sawyer Grace and Austen Cathcart of Russellville High School. They caught five fish weighing 12lbs 3ounces and received trophies, $200 Cabela’s gift cards, Flat Screen HD TVs and a Berkley Package including a Revo Reel and 30% of Pure Fishing on TBF web. In fourth, the team from Dover High School, Austin Moody and Aimee Cresswell with four fish weighing 10lbs 14ounces. They received $200 Cabela’s gift cards, two Sony WII’s and Berkley’s Prize Package. In fifth, Jonny Schultz and Thomas Rose, Jr. from Episcopal Collegiate High School had three fish weighing 8lbs 5ounces. They received $150 Cabela’s gift cards two IPOD touches and the Berkley Prize Package. Sam Starr and Brady Sherman from McPherson High School came in sixth and received $100 Cabela’s gift cards, two portable DVD Players and the Berkley Prize Package. In seventh, respectively is the team from Farragut High School who received $50 Cabela’s gift cards, two IPOD Shuffles and the Berkley Prize Package.

In addition to the top seven’s winnings, one lucky member of the crowd won a $1,000 Cabela’s gift card by entering his name in a drawing we advertised all week and a TBF high school fishing member also won a Sony Wii from winning a dance/surfboard competition we had at the Friday night Celebration Party. There were so many opportunities to win prizes and several of the high school anglers went home with tons of merchandise, and hopefully a week they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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