Keep America Fishing!

The American Sportfishing Association has given a face lift to an existing program that has been around for a few years. The Keep America Fishing program and its web site have been revamped and improved and they now provide a great opportunity for anglers to follow the political landscape of sportfishing as well as what types of issues are happening in your area of the country.

I would invite you to visit the site and look at each of the available tabs. There is a lot of great information and history here that will help everyone understand the challenges that face our sport.

As a starting point I would invite you to click on “Conservation”. Here you can get a good overview of the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund and what it means to you in terms of monetary funding for the sport. As you read through you can also get the history of the Wallop-Breaux Act.

There are a lot of great “Tabs” to click on and even places to donate to help a cause that you are concerned with.

Check it out at