TBF Announces New Online Roster Management System

For Immediate Release

The Bass Federation, (TBF) announces its new TBF Web Services! TBF has now made it easier than ever for new clubs to join or for existing clubs to submit and update your club rosters both with your home state and with TBF, it is one stop shopping!

It is very easy!

Go online to www.bassfederation.com then to “member stuff” on the main menu bar There you will find a link to TBF’s new “online roster management system” simply click the link to go to the new and completely secure www.tbfwebservices.com site where you can submit new rosters for new clubs, update existing rosters, and maintain your clubs roster! All by a click of your mouse.

TBF understands the need to keep your information confidential and protected, so the www.tbfwebservices.com site is secure. No need to worry about your information getting loose. Only the club administrator that YOU determine and your home state federation administrator will be able to see or access it.

State and club administrators can now readily see membership data at a real-time mode and make changes instantly. Email address’s, and all other contact information for clubs and members can be maintained and updated all year long!

New member clubs can also join TBF online by clicking on the “Join today” logo on our website as well!
For all clubs, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Click any link on www.bassfederation.com that says “TBF Online Roster management”, or log on directly towww.tbfwebservices.com
2. Fill out the club registration information on the home page.
3. TBF verifies and approves the account and will send you back your password.
That’s it!
If you were a TBF club in 2007 your club roster is already there online waiting for you! You simply edit and update!
If your a new TBF club just joining simply log back on with your new password and enter your club data, then follow it with a check for your dues, a copy of your invoice and your all set!
Your administrator should be the individual responsible for updating rosters and should have a viable email address with access to the internet. Once the club registration form is filled out TBF receives a notice that a club has requested to set up an account with our system. For security reasons TBF will then verify the individual and information associated with the club and activate the account. Approval time can take 2-3 days but it is usually very quick, within 24 hours.
Log-on now and get your roster update started. Today is a great time since all the rosters for 2008 need to be in by the end of the year – so do it TODAY!

The Bass Federation Inc. (TBF) is owned by those it serves and is dedicated to the sport of fishing. TBF affiliated state federations and their member clubs conduct more than 20,000 fishing, youth and conservation events at the local level each year and have provided the foundation for the entire bass fishing industry for more than 30 years. For more information about The Bass Federation, visit bassfederation.com or call 580-765-9031.