TBF Conservation Directors Meet in Knoxville

Twenty two state Conservation Directors from across the country met for three days of meetings during the 2010 TBF National Championship presented by the National Guard.

The group took field trips to a habitat site constructed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency along with the Tennessee Bass Federation and observed new techniques for building nursery habitat structures utilizing donated Christmas Trees from the Knoxville area community.

They also visited a warm water hatchery where facility manager Mike Smith explained the purpose and operation of this great facility.

Day two brought in Dr. Philip Moy from The Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute who explained the Asian Carp dilemma that threatens the great lakes ecosystem if its path of migration continues on its present course.

Dr. Moy is also an expert on other invasive species such as the Zebra Muscle and the Quaggi Mussel. He shared his thoughts and experiences with the group on the efforts to control the spread of all invasive species and where he thinks efforts should be made by our membership to facilitate this goal.

On the Final day the group heard from representatives from both the TVA and the TWRA on their combined efforts to restore habitat and species to the Streams and Reservoirs of East Tennessee.

Add those events to handling the Fish Care duties for the National Championship Tournament and these hard working ladies and gentleman had a full week of activities.

The group ended the sessions with some guidance on constructing and distributing a Conservation Survey and a few topics and projects for next years program.

Thanks again for all of those who attended and provided the much needed and appreciated manpower required to conduct and event of this caliber.

Mark Gintert

National Youth And

Conservation Director