Team Texas Wins Central Division, Lancaster Wins Overall Individual

2009 Central Division Final Day

June 5, 2009

Lake Dardenelle, AR – At launch, everyone thought it was an ATTACK OF THE MAYFLIES! Several thousand mayflies had hatched overnight and had covered the marina ground, lights, boats, even us! The good thing was, they didn’t bite. The locals thought that might have a positive effect on the bass fishing that day. If the mayflies were close enough to the water, the bass may be more active. But that didn’t seem to be the case.

It was just an overall tough day for the anglers at least that seemed to be the consensus among many. Thirty-five could not bring one 15” required bass. Not that they weren’t catching any, some just couldn’t make the length. There were only two anglers who checked in a limit on the last day. The overall weight turned in among all states dropped almost 20 lbs from the day before. Team Oklahoma actually checked in the most weight over all three days, on day one. It could have been numerous reasons from a drop in lake level, to other tournaments going on also on the lake the night before.

On the winning note! Team Texas holds on to their standing and wins the Central Divisional Championship and won their team $2,500. Having a comfortable lead from the day before was definitely a blessing. The team checked in 26 lbs less than the day 2 and 30 lbs less than day one, but it was enough to keep them on top with a team total weight of 192 lbs 10 oz, 24 lbs more than the second place, come from behind team, Kansas.

Justin Lancaster holds on to the overall individual. It was a nailbiter folks! Justin checked in first with only one bass weighing 3 lbs 2 oz. Donny Awtry had only been trailing by 2 oz the day before. All he needed was 3 lbs 4 oz total weight in bass. Donny checked in with the last flight, and only one bass also. But it just wasn’t enough.

The third day big bass winner was Danny Carter of Mississippi. He checked in a bass weighing 5 lbs 4 oz. He was recognized and presented a check for $100 along with Day 1 winner Nathan Bourque of Texas and Day 2 winner Kerry Kruep. Day 2’s bass was the largest of all 3 days at 5 lbs 8 oz.

The top 2 anglers of each state were announced. The 2009 TBF National Championship presented by the National Guard is the ultimate goal for a TBF member. Held on Bull Shoals Lake in Branson, MO., the Boater with the heaviest cumulative weight from all three days of competition will be crowned TBF National Champion and will receive the “Living the Dream” prize package. The following will get to compete in the National Championship for each state:

Arkansas: Justin Lancaster – Angler, Shawn Gordon – Co-Angler

Kansas: Scott Hamel – Angler, Matt King – Co-Angler

Louisiana: Scott Graves – Angler, Eugene Morris – Co-Angler

Missouri: Kevin Smith – Angler, Mike Johnson – Co-Angler

Mississippi: Danny Carter – Angler, Ronnie Gordon – Co-Angler

Nebraska: Robert Walla – Angler, Jason Citta – Co-Angler

Oklahoma: John Pritchett – Angler, John Garcia – Co-Angler

Texas: Donny Awtry – Angler, Clint Farris – Co-Angler

Not one person had anything negative to say about the way the tournament ran. Everyone was looking to coming back. It was mostly in part by the beautiful setup that Lake Dardenelle has for fishing tournaments. It is a one of a kind and Arkansas should be very proud to be able to host such a tournament at a great location.

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