The Bass Federation Arizona Announces a Reel Kids Casting Event

Date of Event: December 11, 2011

On Sunday  at  the Sportsman’s Warehouse  at 19205 N. 27 Ave,  kids in two age groups will compete at flipping, pitching and casting at a target. This special competition develops and demonstrates the basic techniques that everyday anglers use while actually fishing.

The youth contestants will face a target at different lengths of 10, 20 and 30 feet and will utilize all three basic techniques.

The members of the Phoenix Bassmasters will assist each youth in the competition while also helping them during the practice time that each youth will have.

It’s a fun time enjoyed by all and we encourage you to bring your kids out and enter this free event!

Again the competition will be at the  Sportsman’s Warehouse  at 19205 N. 27 Ave   from 12 noon till 2 pm.

For more information please contact Wayne Kukral at 602-565-7747

See you there!

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