TBF Living The Dream Angler Brian Travis – A TBF “Dream Come True”

Photo by Brett Carlson

Brian Travis

Brian Travis

The date was April 26, 2008. Brian Travis, a TBF angler from Conover, NC. And the North Carolina TBF Bass Federation had just finished weigh-in in at the 2008 Federation National Championship. Travis had just won the event, the $100,000.00 prize package; The cash, and TBF Living the Dream package that goes with it.

Every sports fan and human being for that matter has had a dream at one time or the other. Everyone should “dream” of a goal to achieve, fame and fortune, to be the best at whatever you do, is something that everyone should strive for. Travis set himself upon that path last April. By winning that event, Travis will not only fish as a full time, fully sponsored, Pro on the FLW Tour in 2009, but secured a spot in this years $2 million dollar Forrest Wood Cup.

That’s where we are at now, here in Columbia, South Carolina, among thousands of fishing fans, watching a TBF angler. Travis is a guy just like you, who loves to fish as much as he can, who has a family and a full time job, who fished his way through his local club and his state, and earned the right to live his dream. The dream of tens of thousands of grassroots anglers nationwide.

Travis, is fishing well, very well, and has made the top ten final cut, he is on Lake Murray fishing right now, competing in the first of two final days, for a very real shot at THE title in all of bass fishing. The title of “2008 Forrest Wood Cup Champion”, and his share of the richest tournament payout in fishing history that goes with it.

Call it a “Cinderella story”, “rags to riches”, call it whatever you want. Brian Travis has put himself into a position to win it all……and if he does not catch another fish, (which he will), he is living his dream, and the dreams of thousands just like him.

Whatever it is, live your dreams.

You can follow Brian live today and tomorrow starting at 5pm by watching the weigh-in on or

If you are anywhere near Columbia, SC. The best advice is, get here, dreams are coming true.