2011 TBF & FLW Adult Membership Renewals

The Bass Federation is striving to make membership renewal easier each year.  Starting October 1, 2010 TBF will begin accepting membership renewals for 2011.  All TBF and FLW memberships expire on December 31, 2010* and you can update as early as October 1 to ensure your club maintains the Insurance policy coverage and your members do not have a laps in Tournament eligibility or magazine delivery.We will continue to do both TBF and FLW Outdoors membership updates through TBF and through our online roster management system.  The secure website is www.tbfwebservices.com.

TBF dues are $15 and have been since 2000.  FLW dues will remain at $35

 ALL TBF members MUST pay their FLW dues through their home TBF club. FLW Outdoors will NOT accept dues from a TBF member. It is important NOT to wait..as tournament participation and eligibility may be affected especially if you have members who fish BFLs or other FLW events. Get their dues into TBF early so you won’t have any ‘last minute’ hurdles.
TBF Regular 1-year membership
Step 1.  Your club administrator will log into our system, and click on the ‘Membership Update’ tab, then click on the ‘Dues Estimate’ button. This generates a word document with ALL members on your club roster, active or not, and gives you a line item invoice of how much they owe in dues for all of 2011 and if they are choosing a paper or electronic\downloadable FLW Outdoors magazine! Simple and easy! Print it out and take it to your next club meeting to collect the correct amount!
Step 2. After collecting dues, log back into the system and set the preferred method for receiving the FLW magazine.  This is located under the Club Members tab in the FLW Information box.  To change it, use the drop down box and select the method of delivery. Next, submit your invoice under the Club Membership Updates tab. Once you have done it you’ll see how easy it is. If you need help just give us a call. Finally, submit a matching check with the invoice to the address on the invoice, which your state federation has already set up.
Step3. Enjoy an entire years worth of worry free, hassle free, fishing knowing you are updated, your dues are paid, your insurance is in full force, your preferred magazine is on its way and your member benefits are in place!
Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs)
  • I called FLW Outdoors and they said I had to join through TBF? YES, FLW Outdoors will not sell a membership to a TBF member, (with a few exceptions) their system ‘talks’ to our system and identifies TBF members as such. All TBF members now update through our online system, through their club roster. So get it done early!
  • What if I am already paid up and active with FLW Outdoors for multiple years or maybe I’m one of the few FLW life members? Our system will not charge you dues until the year they expire.
  • My FLW Outdoors membership doesn’t expire until April 1, 2011 do I have to pay for a full year?   NO, our system will pro-rate what is left of your 2011 FLW Outdoors membership and only charge you for the months up to Dec 31, 2011, until you are on a calendar year like everyone else.
  • I used to be able to buy a 2 or 3 year ‘discounted’ FLW Outdoors membership? Can we still do that?  No, FLW Outdoors no longer sells a DISCOUNTED 2 or 3 year membership.
If you have a problem, call the national office at 580.765.9031
TBF Premium membership
TBF has made 2, 3 & 5 year, value-added memberships (NOT discounted memberships) the members have requested.  TBF Premium members include BOTH the $15 TBF dues and the full $35 FLW Outdoors for every year of the premium membership, as well as, many more benefits. The basic premises of premium level membership are the benefits attached, if used, will actually save time and money! TBF is willing to guarantee that or your money back. You can enjoy deep discounts in the new TBF Online Store and numerous vendors using the ‘Access Member’ card.  Also, premium members won’t have to renew every year!  SAVE money guaranteed! Check it out on our Premium Membership Page
Now that dual membership is as easy as joining your club, here is another CHOICE for you.
What do you do with all your old FLW Outdoors Magazines?  Are you like most of us and simply put them in a stack to collect dust? Or maybe you throw them in the trash after they’ve been read or keep them in a box, just in case? Maybe you donate them to a group home or a youth program for others to enjoy.  Or maybe you’d like to ‘store’ them for later but don’t have the place or space.  Well, beginning in 2011, you have another option.
– Printed or Electronic!
  • It’s your choice. The system will DEFAULT to PRINTED via US Mail. If you want to keep a printed copy, that’s fine! You have your own reason why that’s good for you.  Just make sure your club administrator knows your choice so he/she can mark it when updating your roster.  But, for the rest; here are a few advantages of having it delivered right to your computer!
  • Get news faster and worldwide! Now you don’t have to wait on snail mail to get your magazine. You’ll get the exact same thing by email, instantly!
  • GO GREEN!  NO more magazines in the corner collecting dust after only one reading! Conservation is one of TBF’s core values.  You can get the same info, but without the paper. Save paper, save trees! Green is ‘In’.  Now your old issues don’t have to end up in landfills or collect dust on your tables! But, they are saved safely on your computer!
  • Easy Access: FLW Outdoors electronic version will be available on FLWOutdoors.com 24/7.   Also, you can save the *pdf file to your computer, take it anywhere on a laptop, print out a page you want to save, and look back at old issues any time.  Also, you don’t have to tear your house upside down, or worry someone threw it away!
  • What this means for club presidents/secretaries – When updating your roster, there’s an option to choose for each member.  IT WILL DEFAULT TO PRINTED via US Mail. If you choose Electronic for a member, they must have a email address in our system. FLW will be notified by TBF which they request, and will send FLW Outdoors Magazine the way they want it!
If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at the National Office at 580.765.9031.
*certain memberships purchased before March 2009 may have an expiration date that does not yet run on the calendar year.  Check the dues estimate option of the Membership Updates page for accuracy.