TBF Conservation Directors unite in Kimball, TN

Conservation directors from around the country gathered in Kimball Tennessee for the TBF National Championship and a series of meetings centered around conservation topics.

The week started with an electro fishing trip with the TVA on Guntersville lake. Everyone got a chance to see just how that process works and also how the fish are surveyed once they are brought aboard.

A special thanks goes out to Donnie Lowery and his coworkers at the TVA. They did a great job of explaining the process and how the results are used.

Our next event centered around the Sport Fish Restoration and projects underway in the TWRA’s region three area. Barry Sumner and Mark Thurman answered questions from the group and offered suggestions on partnerships and the process of getting a Sport Fish Restoration project in their area.

Dr. Phil Moy from the Wisconsin Sea Grant Group addressed the group about the Joint task force that the TBF and several other partners have entered into with Sea Grant to study the effects of tournaments and professional anglers on The spread of invasive species.

Add that to their usual duties of handling all of the tournaments fish care procedures and it was a full week of activities. Thanks to all of those who participated and worked diligently during the week.