Day Two of the 2020 Federation National Championship Crowns 14 Division Champions

Kentucky’s, Freeman, Takes Boater Lead; Pendleton Locks Down Yesterday’s Co-Angler Lead

L to R, Boaters in back, Non Boaters in front: Central Div. Champions Blake Wilson – AR. & Samuel Jenkins – LA. / Southern Div. Lance Freeman – KY. & Craig Middleton – KY., Southwest Div. Sam Heckman -CO. & Kerry Harris – CA. / Mid-Atlantic Div. Chris Fiore – VA. & Andrew Wiley – MD / Northern Div. David Schneider JR – IN. & Derick Pendleton – IN. / Northwest Div. Loren Torok – ID. & Mel Marchese – WA. / Eastern Div. Keith Cleary – CT. & Jeffrey Perron -NH.

After a tough first day on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees 108 TBF champion anglers launched from Grove, Okla., today to switch the tides.  Weather conditions were less than favorable for the average lake-goer with temperatures in the low 50’s, plenty of cloud cover and Oklahoma’s resilient winds.   But, for TBF’s elite the fishing conditions proved favorable.  Some anglers still struggled to catch them but those that did brought in heavier weights and solid bags of bass. 

Lance Freeman pulled ahead in the national champion boater race with a five bass limit  weighing 19 pounds 8 ounces making his tournament total 34 pounds 6 ounces.  “I’m fortunate, to say I’m blessed is beyond an understatement,” Freeman said.  “I’m more blessed than one man deserves.”

Freeman is fishing for the Kentucky Bass Federation representing the Southern Division.  He started fishing the federation when he was 11 years old in the junior division.  Now, one day of fishing separates him from the $125,000 prize package including $20,000 cash, a 2020 fully-rigged Ranger Z520L with Evinrude 250 G2 outboard, power poles, Lowrance Electronics and Minn Kota Trolling Motor, his first BFL All-American a stipend of $5000 worth of paid entry fees into his circuit of chose and countless other “Living YOUR Dream” opportunities. 

“That’s what TBF is all about, for a weekend angler this a dream” Freeman continued.  “It’s been a surreal experience and now going into the last day with a 7lb lead – when things are suppose to roll your way, they really roll your way.”

Freeman was just two ounces shy of the overall lead yesterday with his 14 pound 14 ounce bag.  He’s reportedly finding his fish fast in spots that just keep on giving. 

“There’s a subtle difference between the spots that I can’t talk about until tomorrow.  Everything’s winding up how you dream about it happening, just one more day and we can talk about it happening.

It’s just 5 bass.  Anything over that is overthinking. Their opportunistic feeding fish and I have to make my opportunities count because there’s just five bass between me and $125,000 prize package.”

Derick Pendleton, was the day one leader on the co-angler side and had the overall big bag of 20 pounds 5 ounces.  Pendleton solidified his lead today with two fish weighing 4 pounds 2 ounces making his tournament total 24 pounds 7 ounces. 

“Nerves got me a bit today and the weather wasn’t what I expected,” Pendleton said.  “It was a little colder out there and we never got to see any sun.” 

Less than a pound separates Pendleton from Samuel Jenkins from Louisiana who’s holding down second overall with 23 pounds 12 ounces. 

“I knew I was going to need more fish today to give me a comfortable lead.  But, I’ve got a game plan if the weather is more like today.  From the way it fished Thursday coming into today I’d like it to do what it did Thursday.  Either way, I’m just going to adapt to my boater who is definitely on fish and do whatever I can to make it happen.”   

The top boaters and co-anglers from each division were crowned Division Champions today and were awarded “Living YOUR Dream” prize packages and slots in the 2020 BFL All-American.

The top 14 TBF Division Champions:


BLAKE WILSON -AR – 8/8 – 27-04

SAMUEL JENKINS – LA – 8/8 – 23-12


KEITH CLEARY – CT – 9/9 24-06

JEFFREY PERRON -NH – 5/5 15-06


CHRIS FIORE – VA – 7/7 – 19-01

ANDREW WILEY – MD – 5/5 – 16-03


DAVID SCHNEIDER JR – IN – 10/10 – 26-06

DERICK PENDLETON – IN – 7/7 – 24-07


LOREN TOROK – ID – 5/5 – 12-07

MEL MARCHESE – WA – 8/8 – 19-15


LANCE FREEMAN – KY – 10/10 – 34-06

CRAIG MIDDLETON – KY – 5/5 – 16-01


SAM HECKMAN -CO – 8/8 – 19-04

KERRY HARRIS – CA – 4/4 – 11-13



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Grand Lake Showed Out and Shut Off – Indiana Anglers, Schneider and Pendleton, Top the Field

Best TBF grassroots angler in North America Face Tough Day on Day One of the 2020 Federation National Championship 

Grove, Okla., March 12, 2020 – The top TBF anglers from each state and Canada launched from Grove, Okla., on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees at sunrise today in hopes of putting together a solid first day of fishing.  Grand Lake showed out and not in a good way.  Most anglers reported successful practice days but with a storm blowing through on Wednesday the bite was off across the board. 

The field is wide open going into day two where it’s literally anyone’s bag of fish on the line.  Fourteen Division Champions will advance tomorrow as the 2020 Federation National Championship continues from Grove, Okla. 

Leading the boater side is, David Schneider Jr, representing the Indiana Bass Federation and the Northern Division.  Schneider had a five fish limit of bass weighing 15 pounds.  “It was a fun day but it wasn’t easy out there,” Schneider told the crowd at the weigh-in.  “I got lucky and caught those fish quick this morning.  I’m not gonna lie – it’s just a matter of luck and opportunity.”

Schneider has a solid mindset and is confident he can put it all together again tomorrow.  “I had a limit by 9am and left fish biting.  I found new areas and caught a total of 14 keepers today.” 

In preparation for the event, Schneider traveled to Grand between Christmas and New Year’s to pre-fish.  “The lake has risen since then quite a bit and water temperatures are a lot warmer than I anticipated.  The lake and the conditions have changed every day since we’ve been here but it hasn’t changed much out there for me.” 

The Indiana Bass Federation is one of the most competitive federations in the nation to advance from its also one of the largest.  Schneider has fished the Federation since 1996 and this is his first appearance at the national event. 

“I just want to thank my Dad, who always tournament fishes with me, the Indiana Bass Federation and the TBF for allowing me to do what I do.  We can not do what we do without our family and support back home.”

Derick Pendleton, put together a 20 pound 5 ounce bag from the back of the boat to lead it on the co-angler side. Pendleton is also representing the Indiana Bass Federation and the Northern Division.   He not only brought in the biggest bag of the day and landed his personal best limit but he’s also celebrating his Birthday. 

“You couldn’t ask for a better Birthday,”  Pendleton said.  “It’s all coming together, just lucky I guess. I’d rather be lucky than good.”

Schneider and Pendleton practiced together and they’ve both found water they like to fish.  “In practice we wacked them and the same thing we adapted to is still going. Hopefully, the weather stays about the same and the wind cooperates by staying a little windy.”

Oklahoma is known for its wind so, luck aside, he’s got a good chance of getting his wish.  “I’m very happy with Oklahoma and Grand’s a great fishery.  I’d come back here in a heartbeat.”

This is Pendleton’s second go at the national championship.  Tomorrow, he’s looking to crush the second day stigma that’s toyed with him over the years.  “Putting two days together has always been a hard task for me.  I’m just going to go in like it’s the first day of the tournament, put my head down and grind it out.”

Pendleton fished the championship on Table Rock Lake the second year Allen Boyd won the event.  Boyd and him are friends and continue to fish together back in Indiana.  “I just want to thank my sponsors, my kids and family back home for supporting me, Allen for all his help, my Federation and the HogHunters club.  I fish with a lot of good guys. I made it here and that is more than I could even ask for and on my Birthday at that.”   

TBF’s elite have a score to settle with Grand as day two day of the 2020 Federation National Championship returns tomorrow.  The top anglers will emerge from each Division to be crowned and they’ll advance to the final day of the national championship.

Live coverage begins at 3pm CT from Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in Grove, Okla., on and watch for event updates, live stream and pictures on TBF’s Facebook page.

Division Leaders after Day one are as follows:


Blake Wilson – AR, 5/5, 10-08

Justin Harris – KS, 3/3, 12-03


Keith Cleary – CT, 5/5, 13-09

David Dumas – NY, 3/3, 8-06


Derick Olson – NJ, 4/4, 11-04

Dave Wilt – PA, 5/5, 13-13


David Schneider Jr. – IN, 5/5, 15-00

Derick Pendleton – IN, 5/5, 20-05


Loren Torok – ID, 3/3, 6-02

Mel Marchese – WA, 4/4, 10-02


Lance Freeman – KY, 5/5, 14-14

Marshall Harrelson – GA, 2/2, 4-13


Sam Heckman – CO, 4/4, 6-14

Vanessa Berger – NM, 1/1, 3-01

Full Results Overall

Full Results by Division

2020 TBF Federation National Championship Kicks Off this Week


Ponca City, Okla., (March 11, 2020) – The Bass Federation’s elite head to Grand Lake in Grove, Okla., March 9-14 to vie for the 2020 Federation National Champion titles, lucrative “Living YOUR Dream” boater and co-angler champions prize packages, Ranger Cup contingencies and cash prizes.

TBF is an independent powerhouse 100% owned by its members and every year it continues to provide more for this industry and its members.  For the 5th straight year, the no-entry fee national contest will increase its value, the total purse for this event has nearly doubled since 2015 fueled by the success of the TBF National Semi-Final program, the 2020 Federation National Championship will boast a record-breaking pot of cash prizes and awards that will exceed $380,000.

For the first time in event history, Ranger Cup contingencies will be awarded to the top five Ranger Cup qualified TBF boaters and the top 5 TBF co-anglers.  The top five boaters will awarded $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 & $500 and the top co-anglers will receive $2,000, $1,250, $750, $500 and $250.

The Bass Federation will host 108 TBF National Semi-Final Champions from across the nation and Canada.  National Semi-Finalist qualified at 22 close-to-home district contests that span the traditional seven TBF geographical divisions, the framework paves the way for TBF grassroots anglers to fish premier events with some of the industries largest cash and prize packages and more advancement opportunities than anyone grassroots organization in the industry.

The National Champion boater will receive the 2020 “Living YOUR Dream” prize package valued at over $125,000 to include a new 2020Ranger Z520L with Evinrude 250 G2, fully loaded with Power Poles, electronics trolling motor and a custom Ranger trail trailer, a $20,000 cash award and featuring a pre-set amount of entry fee stipends PAID to assist the winner in fishing his/her choice of affiliated circuits anywhere in the US or Canada with travel stipends, a clothing package and more.   The champion boater will receive automatic berth into the 2020 BFL All-American with travel and housing stipend and a guaranteed payout with $100,000 top prize at the event.  Also, an automatic berth in the 2020 FLW Series Championship with $200,000 top prize and a reserved slot at the 2021 FLW Pro Circuit.

The National Champion co-angler will receive a custom “Living YOUR Dream” package valued at over $33,000 with $20,000 cash prize plus paid entry stipends into any affiliated series of choice anywhere in the US or Canada with travel stipends, a clothing package and more. The champion co-angler will also receive automatic berths into the 2020 BFL All-American as a co-angler with travel and housing stipends and a guaranteed payout with $50,000 top prize and the 2020 FLW Series Championship as a co-angler with a $30,000 top prize.

Also, this event will introduce “Living YOUR Dream” prize packages for all of the TBF Division Champion boaters and co-anglers, 14 anglers in total with cash payouts, entry fee stipends and advancement spots into the BFL All-American.

The field is comprised of the best of the best TBF anglers.  Georgia’s High School State Champion, Marshall Harrelson,  is the first TBF High School angler to qualify for nationals via an earned High School State Champion slot in the National Semi-Final.  The 2014 FNC National Champion boater, James Biggs, also returns representing Texas.  The Idaho Bass Federation qualified a family of Torrek’s from District 19’s National Semi-Final.  Loren and Shane Torok advance as boaters, Alex Torok as a co-angler.  Shane Torok won the co-angler side and bested Idaho’s top boater giving him the chance to qualify and Idaho the opportunity to send two boaters and co-anglers. There are lots of stories to tell in this event so check the daily feeds.

All 54 boaters and co-anglers will fight for their shares of the record payout as official competition days begin Thursday, March 12 on Grand Lake.  Hotel rooms for the official event days are provided for all anglers as well lunches, ice and drinks for their boat daily.  All 54 boaters also received a boat gas stipend at registration to cover their boat gas for the event.

Coverage of the TBF National Championship will be broadcast in high-definition on Federation Angler TV on the Pursuit Channel and weigh-ins will be streamed live at 3pm CT from Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees on

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