SOLD! First TBF Auction Starts Monday, October 25

The Price Will Drop, But When Will It Be Bought?

What is a TBF Auction?

A TBF Auction is designed to give all interested parties a chance to purchase an item using the TBF Auction website. The format will be a “falling/reverse” auction. This means the item will start at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and then ‘fall’ or be reduced hourly, daily, or weekly by a certain price. Those details will not be revealed, so it is up to you as a buyer to pay close attention. The price will continue to drop; the auction ends when a buyer decides the current fixed price is what they’re willing to pay for the item, or the auction listing time is up. The first auction will only last 14 days. There will be no bids; it will be a ‘Buy Now’ only option. So, don’t wait too long or you might miss the chance to buy!


A bid is a contract; anyone who decides to ‘buy’ an item will be required to pay for it within the allotted time specified. After successful payment is received, the item will be shipped. Any person 18 years or older interested must register with the TBF Auction site and agree to the TBF Auction Terms. A buyer does not have to be a TBF member to purchase. Only TBF will be posting items for sell. This is not a public auction website. All specific regulations will be put in the auction description on the auction site itself.

All interested buyers will be required to register an account on the auction site and agree to the Terms & Conditions…so go ahead and get started and ready for the first auction!

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***First Auction Item Sneak Preview***

Auction Begins Monday, October 25

  • V6 Raker II Prop 24 RH
  • Brand New, In Factory-Sealed Box
  • P/N: 0177309
  • 14.5 X 24 RH
  • Ulimate 3 blade performance propeller
  • Custom cupped high rake blades provide superior bow lift and exceptionial top end speed

Looking to plane fast – and run faster? The Raker II prop is specially designed for building up engine RPMs and getting you on plane faster. A great prop in surfacing conditions especially on high speed boats. Perfect for bass boats and high performance boats. V6 models feature the TBX hub system and a 3-year limited warranty. Available only for outboards with a V4 or V6 sized prop shaft. Please ensure this is the correct propeller size for your application. Contact your local Evinrude E-TEC dealer if you are unsure or need a recommendation.